As a top advertising company, Sens Creation has resources available for any given situation. Hence, we have developed tools that will help you realise your goals in the easiest way.


The workforce of Sens Creation constitutes the most effective team.

Experienced Account Managers and highly specialised professionals are available to work together with you to plan the strategic development of your company and offer you ideas and solutions which will lead to success.

Promoters with training in sales, merchandisers with many years of experience, supervisors with knowledge of the Greek market are just some of the professionals that will inspire your enthusiasm.


The latest tool for the creation of questionnaires – market research. It allows you to create your own questionnaires – research, employing qualitative or quantitative criteria. With considerable ease, you design the appearance of the questionnaires on the desired tablets or computer, and the collection of answers occurs in real time. The results of the research appear on a special web based application, where you can employ filters in order to yield a huge number of statistics and print-outs.

  • Web based administrative environment
  • Research in real time via Web/Mobile (ios, android)
  • Simultaneous results from different locations.
  • Many different types of questionnaires.
  • Supports questionnaires in different languages
  • Multi-user accounts (multi-user accounts)
  • Research inside and outside your business
  • Continuous information updates wherever you are
  • Online results and charts
  • Internet connection not required(online/offline mode)
  • Out of stock notifications
  • Capacity to support different brands per customer and per branch
  • The client is able to readily tailor the structure and appearance of questionnaires.
  • Ease of creation and implementation of questionnaires
  • Capacity to connect to social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Compatible with enterprises of any size, it support everything from promotion and evaluation of products and services to comprehensive market research, and it can also be used to investigate competition in the market.


The pioneering new form of online notification in and outside the office via Smartphones and Tablets which have operational Android or iOS.

The new device is aimed at companies with sales departments of any size, at Trading Companies and Distribution Companies, at companies that supply Services but also at any business which wishes to extend provision of information to its executives on the move.

Since 2002, Supervisor A.E has invested in the sphere of Customer Relationship Management (C.R.M), creating the application Footsteps in collaboration with Microsoft as a Microsoft Gold Partner. With our valuable experience of the organisation of Sales Departments and Customer Support, as well as processes of Shortage Ordering, After Sales Support, Field Service and Merchandising, Supervisor A.E today presents the mobile application Mobile CRM in the Greek market.

Benefits for the company

  • Automatisation and acceleration of the sales cycle (ordering, merchandising, invoicing)
  • Reduction of the time needed to process orders and deliver products
  • Reduction of the cost of sales and technical support
  • Creation of appointments/projects from a distance and survey of results
  • Minimisation of errors
  • Better and faster control of the collection of proceeds
    • Improved organisation and operation of sales, service and merchandising departments


The characteristics of mobile CRM can be summed up as follows:

    • Easy to use and friendly environment
    • Easy mastery


  • Compression mechanisms and self-synchronisation of changes
  • Local storage of items on the device for offline use


Mobile CRM has been designed to offer online information and extensive functionality in the way best suited to contemporary businesses.

Mobile CRM is based on HTML5 technology, operates on all Smartphones and Tablets with operational Android or iOS and also on all computers installed with a Safari browser or Google Chrome.

The future undoubtedly belongs to companies that exploit mobile information. The technology and infrastructure already exist and Supervisor guarantees the success of every small or complex project, meeting your every need.

You can find a demo of Mobile CRM at:

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Follow the results

Improve your services

The successful solution for measuring customer satisfaction, guaranteeing continuous improvement of the service you offer your customers and with the capacity for international use!

HappyOrNot is a successful solution because:

  • It improves the level of service you offer your customers and enhances their loyalty.
  • It supports your staff in achieving their goals.
  • It increases the competitiveness of your business.
  • It provides complete and immediate business information, promoting decisions of a customer-centred character.

A solution that has won awards for its unique ease of use and the simplicity of its operation.

The devices

Wireless connection – no need for cables or Internet
Independent use – Possesses batteries with a lifespan of three years of continuous use
Always on hand – To collect information about your customers

Web Smileys

You grasp the feelings of the user when the device interacts with your web page.
Extremely easy to use on your web pages
Easy change of questions
It encourages and motivates your staff to achieve their goals and improve on their daily performance, there by enhancing the experience of your customer.


  • 24/7 access for an unlimited number of users.
  • Results dispatched directly to your email

References and Statistics

It provides comprehensive results at top speed, supporting and enhancing your business decisions.

Comparable physieland electronic statistical results.
Classification of data
Results per hour, day, week, month, year
We help you to inspire your customers and your employees through the exchange of organised results via ready-made Customer Interaction Reports. Public use gives your staff an incentive to offer customers the best service every day and to inspire trust in your trademark.


  • 24/7 access for an unlimited number of users.
  • Results dispatched directly to your email

Interactive customer statistics

HappyOrNot instantly communicates the satisfaction of workers and customers, a basic measure of success, to your company. It helps forge relationships between your company and your customers, making communication more straightforward for your company and interaction easier for your customer.

It builds a relationship of trust through exchange.
It shows your customers that you care about them.
It adds immeasurable value to the image of your company.


User-friendly and hospitable, it operates in all business environments and encourages exchange between all.


Customer satisfaction determines your future success, and the key is continuous analysis of performance.


Study the results and pinpoint what needs to be improved to ensure your company’s success.


FOOTSTEPS is a pioneering CRM application which is aimed at medium-sized businesses and both manages and controls current and future professional relationships with the goal of maximising sales and profits through top quality individualised communication and the inspection of internal systems.

The programme integrates internal processes with exactitude and comprehensively covers the operations of document management, registration and internal communication. It is very easy to use, accessible and it includes specialist operations for more than ten distinct markets in which contemporary Greek companies operate.

Competitive Advantages

  • It possesses novel features which respond to the needs of the Greek market and save time in the workplace every day.
  • It offers unique advantages in terms of printed materials and provides two-way communication with its own application and with Microsoft Office, allowing the creation of Excel charts.
  • It offers extensive opportunities to filter the base and export different line drawings and formats per user.
  • It provides facilities like connection with Windows, Windows Servers and call centres.
  • It is multi-company and operates simultaneously in many languages. It is highly adaptable and has the capacity to create different features per user, whether these be figurative, verbal or relating to fields and rights of access.
  • It incorporates and works together with on line external applications. It can be connected to its own platform using any kind of contemporary programme. It works together with the ‘clever’ IP call centres of Avaya.
  • It is supported by the biggest pan-hellenic network of partners. It incorporates the experience of Supervisor from the numerous systems installed in businesses of every size and kind.


Newsletters and Direct Marketing are basically informative promotional reports from a company about its products and services. The informational content can be sent occasionally or at regular intervals and it comprises news, announcements, offers, notifications, useful advice, answers to frequently asked questions and even cautions but these always maintain an informational character.

The owner of every enterprise that wishes to offer quality to the customer (potential or existing), benefits from informing them of the company’s activities.The basic need of all companies, particularly those with a wide potential or existing customer base, is to regularly communicate with customers about Sales, Marketing, Special Offers and Informational Topics in an easy, quick and economical way.

What is now understood by all is that methods of mass distribution are essential.

At regular intervals and whenever you judge necessary, you can process lists of your potential or existing customers according to different criteria and then schedule mass delivery of informational faxes, emails SMSs or letters at any chosen time.